Black woman, black girl..

Know that you are a beautiful woman, and although you may not hear it all of the time, you are worthy of great things, great opportunities and great accomplishments.  Let’s come together and lift one another and love one another.  We’re all we have and all we have is each other.

Let your little black girls know everyday that they are beautiful and smart.  Assure them that nothing is impossible and they have no limits but also be real with them, tell them that sometimes people may be cruel, unkind and unfair but that is just how the world is.  They must know that whatever is thrown their way CANNOT deter them from being all that they can be.  Let them know what’s real.  Let them know that people may not always see what you see in them but that should never dim their light because regardless of what anyone else has to say, they are special and worthy of the best of the best.  They are queens.  Tell them this and build them up to be indestructible.


To get a few things off of my chest

Why are so many black men turning to white women? Now I am not a racist black woman but I have to admit that after seeing so much of the interracial dating and marrying, it raises questions.  I have heard things like black men feeling that black women aren’t submissive enough or the stereotype that we all have a permanent attitude and quite frankly, I think it is absolutely ridiculous.  First of all, there are a lot of black women who do not mind being submissive, submission has nothing to do with race and neither does having an attitude.  One can not say only black women carry attitudes because women of all races and backgrounds do.  Any black man using any of those reasons need to go back to the drawing board because those silly immature excuses should not ever be used again unless you wish to be viewed as an idiot.  I have recently read something that a black man said on the topic and it literally brought me to tears.  The man said that black women are jealous of white women and women of other races because they have natural beauty and treat black men better.  He then went on to say something even more ridiculous and said black women are the Antichrist.  To that I just have to ask well brother if black women as a whole are the Antichrist then that means the black woman that  gave birth to your black ass is too, along with your grandmother, sister/sisters, aunts and so on.  Black men i just want to ask, how can you disown black women when you come from one?? what sense does that make? I’ll answer that.. NONE!!!  Now I don’t see the problem with people of different races getting together but what i do have a huge problem with is black men TRYING to make black women appear undesirable and not only that but opening the door to other races possibly seeing us that way.  If your preference for whatever the reason is Caucasian women then that sir is your business but don’t try to encourage other black men to do what you do or like what you like.  Do you realize that regardless of if you have a white woman on your arm or not when you walk out your door in the morning you are still a black man and will still have to deal with the type of issues that come with your skin color??  Don’t think for ONE second that you will be treated differently or viewed differently to the white man because you have that one thing in common.  Look around black man, things are changing for the worse and all you are doing is making it just that more easy to target us.  Love your skin, your race, your culture, your family because what you are telling these little black girls is that they are not good enough, they are not beautiful enough or worthy of you.  We black women have held you black men down for a very long time but now I see just how WEAK most of you are, not all, but most.  I think that a lot of black men are weak, don’t have what it takes to lead and just simply follow and long for what they THINK is desirable.  For the longest time white women were off limits to you and now that they aren’t, you want what you once couldn’t have.  It’s just a stupid little game with you black so called men.  I have no respect for most of you and that’s because you have no respect for yourself …you have no respect for your own race and if you have the mindset of the man I described above then you should be ashamed of yourself  EVERYDAY that you wake up.  Don’t be ashamed of being black but for being black wanting to be something you are not.  Be ashamed for being weak, be ashamed for not uplifting your race but instead tearing it down, be ashamed for making black women feel undesirable, be ashamed for throwing us under the bus, keep being ashamed until you have nothing else to be ashamed for.  The black woman is not unworthy of the black man, oh no my darling, it is most definitely the other way around.